Cold-pressed hemp oil by Biolavit

Hemp seeds do not contain any psychotropic substances, are “safe” and their properties are highly valued and used in medicine, cosmetology and in the kitchen.

Hemp oil – properties

The hemp seed oil is characterised by a high level of essential unsaturated fatty acids from Omega 3 and 6 groups, it holds vitamins A, E, K, B, minerals such as magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and amino-acids. It is a great alternative for animal protein therefore it may be a part of a vegan diet. The set of healthful benefits that the hemp seed oil contains has a positive impact on the organism and its functions and may help in the daily proactive aid for the health and care of the body. If you use the Biolavit hemp seed oil regularly, it may assist to boost the immune and cardiovascular systems and, to help deal with stress by supporting the nervous system, to alleviate the symptoms of PMS and menopause, to nourish your skin and regenerate your hair. 

Hemp oil – how to use

Because of the hemp seed oil’s wide spectrum of healthful properties, you can use it rather  at pleasure. 

We recommend 1-2 tablespoons of raw oil daily. The slightly nutty flavour may prove to be a wonderful addition to salads, dressings, cocktails and smoothies as well as to be poured on vegetables and spread on a piece of bread as an alternative to butter or margarine.

Use the oil in the daily care of the body as an addition to hair masks or apply it directly on the skin – your nails and skin around them will love it because the vitamin E will nourish and strengthen them.


500ml, 250ml


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